Since the Society was founded, members have organized or participated in a series of activities, from Documentary filming, shorter film production, educational workshops or individual consultations. All activities aimed at achieving the goals for promoting the conservation of natural resources based on sustainable use and development.
Short Documentary about Workshop shoted in vilage of Komiža on Vis Island in 2008 (Croatian language only, 8 min)
Twenty years ago, we successfully implemented an educational program for school children "Let's meet Adriatic Sea and its living world - the Sea is Alive. " Through two-day multimedia workshop groups of twenty Primary School Students active learned in the classroom and on the beach, got the knowledge of the underwater living world. The purpose of the workshops is to stimulate the children to discover themselves, for example the urchins and the starfish go to die after they are pulled out from the water and left to dry for fun, or young fishes should not be fished out before reproduction. These shocking cognitions help to raise awareness among children the sea is alive and in reality means the sustainable use of natural resources. As marine biologists and geologists, as well as experienced scientific divers, we are convinced that no costly remediation projects of already endangered or completely destroyed habitats nor rigorous laws can surpass the value of direct work with children who will share their knowledge with parents, families and other children. Because parents and family will hear the messages from their own children.

“I don't want to protect the environment. I want to create a world where the environment does not need protecting.”

The Society participated in co-productions or productions of its own educational films. The first documentary film where the Society members participated in the co-production was filmed in 1999 and supported by UNESCO. It is a unique story of the coexistence of Komiža fishermen on Vis Island and Mediterranean as remainder of ancient times and the cradle of sustainable development and fisheries solidarity. In own arrangement we produce a series of short films for easier understanding of natural processes for workshops or other types of formal and informal education. From exploration of costal springs, films about unusual animals in the Adriatic Sea, and documentation of the living world in the environment of submarine springs.
In cooperation with the Public Institution “National Park Plitvice Lakes” in 2008 the Society produced a natural history documentary film "Plitvice Lakes - The Journey of the Water". In film language the documentary describe the journey of the natural water through the Karst Landscape, forming unique tufa formations and the other natural processes occurring in the waters of the Plitvice Lakes. The film was screened in the competition on three World Documentary film festivals and is included in the official collection of teaching materials in the Republic of Croatia.
Natural History Documentary film "Plitvice Lakes - Journey of the Water" ( 26 min., low resolution, English Narration)
Additionally, we carried out several scientific research projects. The first was the "Jabuka 98" project. The goal was biological and geological underwater scientific exploration of Island of Jabuka and Jabuka shallow. Yearlong we explore unique Sealife surrounding submarine springs in Velebit Chanel and the springs of River Cetina as one of the largest in Croatia. As a result, our members issued a number of scientific papers in respectable Scientific Journals.

In time we work on two documentary projects and few Scientific researches. Of course we continue with the Workshops based on their success.